Water Testing

Make sure your water is safe to drink. How? Let us take a sample of the water running through your house’s plumbing. After an analysis of its quality is completed, we share the findings with you.

When should I get my water tested?

The best time of year to test is in the late spring or early summer. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends testing your drinking water at least once a year for bacteria, even if you have a home water treatment system.
The NY Department of Health recommends testing for E. coli & coliform bacteria every 1 year and every 3-5 years for lead, nitrate, nitrite, arsenic, sodium, iron, manganese, turbidity, pH, Hardness, and alkalinity.

Signs you may need a water test

The 3 most commons signs that something may be wrong with your water:

  • looks cloudy
  • has an odd smell
  • tastes strange

Additional signs include if someone living in the home has a change in their overall health, if you have unexplained symptoms of diarrhea or vomiting, if you have had major repairs done to your home recently, especially to the plumbing or home structure, if your home has recently flooded, or the amount of water flowing from your faucets and other fixtures changes.

do i need to test my water if my next door neighbor recently tested?

The short answer is, yes. But here’s why: Each home’s water is different depending on a number of factors. Your home’s plumbing and the exact location of it makes your property’s water system unique. Give yourself peace of mind for you and your family and call us for water testing.